Tree Replicas


Building Trees


In 2008 Bradley worked with artists Angel McIlwain and Bill Brown to create 8 large tree replicas for the Appalachian Forest Museum.The trees are part of a walk through exhibit and will support large murals depicting the history and challenges of the Appalachian Forest. The trees range in height from 12 to 16 feet and up to 7 feet in diameter and are supported by a wooden framework built in 3 foot high sections here at Rome Hill and transported to the museum in Highland County, Ohio. Once the sections were assembled and connected to floor and ceiling they were covered with several layers of chicken wire and reinforced kraft paper as a base for the several layers of plaster required to replicate the 8 different types of bark. The trees were then sprayed a base color followed by hand painting (mostly by Angel) with several more colors as well as moss, lichens,etc. The overall effect is very realistic. If you would like to visit the museum you may get hours, directions and more on the Highlands Nature Sanctuary Website.


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