Rome Hill Studio Recordings

Our facility is a multi-media kind of place, with a lumber kiln in the basement, woodworking studio on the main floor and instrument making and a recording studio on the second level.

Houndog Harrison is the house band. The group has recorded 3 CDs, including Bonafide, released March 1, 2009.

All CD’s are $10. plus $2. per order shipping no matter how many discs you order!

With a few projects in the works, look for more offerings in the near future!

Bona Fide, the third release for the Houndog Harrison Band was just released in March of 2009 and includes 12 original songs by Ronny Richards and an old traditional tune Over the Waterfall.  Listen to the first and last tracks below:

            Maybe we should talk                  over the waterfall

Indecision, the first Houndog CD,released in 1996, includes 13 original tunes by Ronny “Houndog” Harrison Richards and 3 irish instrumentals. The disc includes Ronny’s Boat Song, which was used in the soundtrack for River Voices, a documentary about the 1939 flood of the Ohio River at Portsmouth, Ohio narrated by NPR’s Noah Adams.

American Dreams, opus 2 for Houndog, was released in 1999. It includes 2 traditional instrumentals as well as 13 original songs by Ronny including Dark Waltz which got airplay in Russia

Soldier’s Joy is an all instrumental CD featuring traditional American and Irish music played on the 4 string dulcimer, guitar and mandolin by Bradley Gray with help from Michael Barnhart on bass clarinet, soprano sax, accordion and drum. 

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